about The Ambassador

The Ambassador was born at Parkland Hospital.  She grew up in Oak Cliff.  Her first friend lived across the alley.  She flew high and jumped off the swings at Red Bird Park, now known as Thurgood Marshall.  She cheered for the Oak Cliff Redskins.  The Ambassador is a proud alumnus of Adelle Turner, William Hawley Atwell and a member of the graduating class of Skyline High School 1992 (Pleasant Grove).

For a decade she served as an educator to the talented, intelligent and beautiful children of Oak Cliff.  She taught poetry as well as the 3 R's in public school and served the earliest learners at Beacon Hill Preparatory Academy.

In 2012, The Ambassador felt called into the wider world.  After ten years of serving the beautiful children of The Cliff, she crossed miles of ocean to serve the beautiful children of the GCC.

Since that time, she has traveled throughout the planet and carried the beauty of the people of Oak Cliff with her.  This website was established to share with the people of Oak Cliff, the world and to share with the world, the beautiful people of Oak Cliff.

Oak Cliff, that's my hood!!

Oak Cliff Ambassador