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Alexandria was a learning experience. 
Our guide, Y, wanted me to tell Mr. Obama he supported the wrong group. Y says, Pres. Mubarak was a dictator, but not a religious dictator. Apparently, the Islamic Brotherhood ain't who the Egyptian people prefer. Of course, that's just what Y said.
If you happen to know the POTUS, pass that along.
Egyptians tell me, "Hello sister! We are same color! Welcome!"

Everywhere I go it is, "American?". "Yes, Texas. Dallas.". 
"Dallas Cowboys!"
I swear it! It happened! Twice!

The Medi is an emotional sea. Lots of waves, very choppy. Fishermen everywhere.

HUSTLING is a job! For real though.

A child followed us around for the last quarter of the tour. As I was getting in the van he said, "Give me money."
Me: "Baby, that is not appropriate."

I tried to drink with two British infantrymen. It can't be done.
Al and Charlie were a hoot. Sleeve tattoos and all.

Catacombs. Obelisks. Library. Forts. I have been busy today.

Egypt is green. Who knew? Nowhere near as much desert as I anticipated.

Love and hugs all around!


Date of visit:  March 29,2013 - April 4, 2013 

Well beautiful people, though words fail me, let me speak of Egypt.

I am so full and want to tell you about all the wonderful works of art I have seen, but there are not enough words.

I want to tell you about the people in this place, but I really can't. It would take too long. My explanations would be too paltry.

First, the Nile is lush. It brings life to all who live along it's banks.

The people here have huge hearts. They all try to express themselves in whatever language you speak.

This is a place rich in history, but many, many of the people live in some pretty serious states of need.

The ancient and the modern are juxtaposed in a truly amazing way. Statues from 2000 B.C.stand in a field across from a convenience store.

The Hustle is alive in Egypt. I know, some Americans think they have a hustle but this place is another level of commitment to sales. The insistent, persistent attempt to get money starts when you get off the plane. It meets you at the bus as you disembark at EVERY temple, pyramid. The Sphinx was a gauntlet of girls, boys, and men selling every imaginable ware. They surround and follow you from the exit back to the bus.

The temples are amazing. Egyptians had no thought for the temporary. Their lives were spent planning for their after life. It is evident in the planning and workmanship executed in the temples and pyramids. Built to last doesn't begin to describe the mathematical, scientific precision with which they executed their tasks.

The people of Egypt call me cousin and sister. They say welcome back. Come back next year. You come again? Same color, sister, cousin! Where you from?

They say to me, I love America! Obama! Egypt is free. Democraty (hey, second language learners, be patient). One brother said, "Before, was control. I could not go America. Now, is free. I may not go. But I can. This makes me feel - here, he rubs his heart. He tells me he loves all countries, because there is only one God and He says, Love All.

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